End to End Connectivity using WireGuard

Hoppy provides a unique public IPv4 and IPv6 address to each of your devices, allowing connectivity without limitations. If you are behind a restrictive ISP, constantly on the move, or self-hosting services, Hoppy is for you. All major platforms are supported.

Full Control

Circumvent ISPs that block ports, limit server connections, or require expensive "business" fees. As Network Address Translation (NAT) becomes more prevalent and restrictive, Hoppy provides a clean solution using native system interfaces.

Location Agnostic

Static addresses bind to your device no matter the location, with the route constantly being refreshed. This means you can switch from the coffee shop WiFi to your hotspot without skipping a beat. No more broken SSH connections!

  • Dynamic IP Users
  • Mobile Internet Clients

Secure and Private

WireGuard is the tunneling software used to provide strong encryption and authentication, incorporating modern cryptography standards such as ChaCha20 and Poly1305. Having a secondary IP address allows your origin servers to remain private from users, plus it allows for easy migration.

  • Strong Encryption
  • Stop ISP Snooping