# Frequently Asked Questions

# Do you block ports on the tunnels?

Nope 😃

# Why was Hoppy Network created?

Mainly due to the increasing dependency on the Cloud, and a desire to self-host basic services.

# How are data transfer limits calculated?

We calculate the limit using the sum of bytes transferred in and bytes transferred out, as reported by the WireGuard tunnel.

# What happens when I go over my data transfer limit?

The network speed of the specific interface will be rate-limited to anywhere between 64 kbps and 256 kbps. You will continue to have low-bandwidth access to the interface, for SSH, SMTP, etc.

# How am I charged for the subscription?

We bill you on the start day for each interface you have created, and each month/year after that, depending on your subscription billing cycle. If subsequent payments fail, there is a 24 hour grace period before the interface is disabled.

# Where can I find my receipts and invoices?

You can find them under Account Settings -> Stripe Portal -> Billing History.

# How do I switch from monthly to annual billing?

Email us at [email protected] if you would like to convert your subscription to annual billing.

# How can I test my network speeds?

The easiest way to test your download speeds is to fetch a test file over HTTP. You can do this in the terminal with wget:

wget -O /dev/null https://tx-us-ping.vultr.com/vultr.com.1000MB.bin

To test both upload and download speeds, you need a program called iperf3. Once installed, run the following:

# Test Download
iperf3 -c iperf.volia.net -P6 -R

# Test Upload
iperf3 -c iperf.volia.net -P6

You can also use the test server iperf.airstreamcomm.net if the one above is unavailable.

# Can't I just create my own WireGuard tunnel with a VM?

Yes, you definitely can, and in some circumstances it may be cheaper. However, we provide a managed service that is reliable and easy to use. Hoppy Network manages routing at the level of BGP, meaning we can migrate your IP addresses across the world in minutes if any problem arises.