# Quick Start

Here are some instructions to quickly get a public IP address over WireGuard.

  1. Install a WireGuard client (opens new window).

  2. Sign up for a Hoppy account (opens new window).

  3. Create a "New Interface", making sure to select "Generate Client Keypair"

  4. Click "Modify" on the provisioned interface, then download the configuration file.

  5. Import the configuration file into your client and activate it.

Your device is now using the Hoppy Public IP address for all incoming and outgoing traffic!

Keep reading to find out about Reverse DNS, Advanced Routing, IPv6 Endpoints and more.

Note: the nature of this service is to assign a public IP address to your device. Ensure your device is not running any services that need to remain private and are not protected by some security mechanism (password, certificate, port bound to only private IP, etc).