# Reverse DNS

This section is for those who want to set the Reverse DNS hostname (i.e. PTR record) for their IP Addresses. The most common use case is for Forward-confirmed Reverse DNS (opens new window) on mail servers. Reverse DNS is supported for both IPv4 and IPv6 (only the ::1 address of the IPv6 block).

# Steps

Open the Manage Interface page for your interface, then find the "Reverse DNS" section. Click "Edit", and type in the hostname that the IPv4 Address and the IPv6 Address will point back to. Only the ::1 address for your IPv6 block is supported, e.g. 2602:5:3:20::1 from 2602:5:3:20::/56. For the hostname, Absolute Domain Names (hostnames that end in a period/dot) are used. If you are unsure, simply type a dot after the hostname.

Like other changes to the Hoppy interface, it can take up to 15 minutes for changes to the Reverse DNS to be visible.