# IPv6 Endpoints

This section is for those who want to access the Hoppy interface using an IPv6 or Dual IPv4/IPv6 endpoint.

# Steps

  1. On the Manage Interface page for your interface, click the ".conf Template" button at the bottom (next to 'Clear Private Key'). This will open a configuration template where you can find the IPv6 Endpoint, as well as the Dual IPv4/IPv6 Endpoint.
  2. Replace the endpoint in your client configuration with the desired endpoint.

Please note that using the Dual IPv4/IPv6 Endpoint means the interface will persist on either IPv4 or IPv6 when it is activated, which means some clients may lose connectivity if they move from a network with IPv6 support to one without. For this reason, it is recommended to use the IPv4 endpoint, unless you are sure that your networks will always support IPv6.